Online Business Banking: A Whole New World Of Opportunities

Online banking has become popular for many reasons.  A growing number of business bankers are using the Internet for making business transactions because of the real-time convenience and cost-effectiveness that it offers.  Banks even offer specially designed software to the business owners through which they can perform their various business transactions. These days every bank is offering online business banking facility to new customers. Take advantage of it. It’s anytime a better option than traditional banking. You can save considerable amount of time since it is available 24*7; and can be able to manage your money beautifully, from anywhere.  

With online business banking, you can avail a lot of benefits like; you can pay your dues and bills anytime, from anywhere and it is a safe and secure process, so you don’t have to worry about your money.  Online banking also pays your bills automatically. If you want your bank to make automatic payments for you, all you need is just notify them about the specific time of payment.  You can also set a particular time schedule to make the payments occur at regular intervals with respect to your payment terms.  It also allows you to transfer your money from one business bank account to another. This is particularly useful if you have more than one business bank account. The transactions are completed within the day itself.  

Online business banking offers you a range of additional facilities that you can avail; such as, business credit card, small business loan, bank overdraft, and the most notable feature – you can open accounts in several foreign currencies.  You can allow your trusted acquaintances or business partners to have access to those accounts and operate them independently.  The level of authority is even adjustable for different users.  You can actually set a certain level of authority on the basis of the trustworthiness of the person you are allowing control to.  If any kind of illicit use of your account occurs, the bank is liable to cover the loss. You can even stop the transactions of your account(s) anytime, and from anywhere.  Furthermore, you get regular account updates in your e-mail.

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The Benefits Of Offshore Banking

In this age of Big Brother watching your every move, offshore banking has become an ideal way to keep personal financial matters private. Many of the wealthiest people in the world have chosen tax-free offshore accounts to ensure their anonymity.

Simply put, offshore banking refers to keeping a bank account outside the tax jurisdiction of where you live. While this sounds inconvenient, the many benefits of offshore banking make it worthwhile.

Offshore accounts can generally be opened via postal mail, and accessed or managed through the Internet, by phone, or by fax. Many offshore banks or banking services will help investors organize their funds, provide administrative services, and contact shareholders. With most of the population already having a difficult time finding enough hours in the day, these convenient services can be invaluable.

The main benefits of offshore banking are protection of assets, confidentiality, reduced taxes, and the ability to set up trust funds that will not be subject to taxes or fees once administered.

Contrary to popular belief, offshore accounts are neither shady nor illegal. As a matter of fact, this sort of financial management is gaining popularity and acceptance in the United States, where more and more rules and regulations are being placed on the average investor. Why not move your bank accounts to a tax-free environment where your privacy can be guaranteed?

Written by Carrie Grosvenor

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Banking, Money, Taxation And Becoming Your Own Banker With The Infinite Banking Concept

Money is hardly ever considered an asset. Yet you can prove that it is an asset by attempting to live 10 days without using it. Because assets tend to multiply this is an important realization.

It has been written that “The value of an asset increases exponentially while the value of your labor only increases incrementally.”

Most people are concerned about the rate of return on their money when they should be concerned about the return of their money. And so they lose the real value of their money by giving it to someone else.

Think about this:

Whose bank do you deposit your paycheck in?

A commercial bank or one that you own?

Who benefits the most by this process? You or the other guy?

Do not ever think that you can multiply your wealth by dividing it up. Allowing others to have access to your money by placing it on account at their bank, gives that bank control over your money. You automatically become second in command of your money by doing this. When the bank controls your money, you do not and they make money off your money while you pay the fees, the charges and all other costs associated with banking and financial institutions.

That is why everyone needs to read about the Infinite Banking Concept in the book Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash. Nash explains how, you can take control of your money, which is the asset that can build real riches and lasting wealth. This process is called the Infinite Banking Concept or IBC. IBC allows those who utilize Becoming Your Own Banker, aka BYOB, to recover the costs associated with the banking equation. What is the banking equation you might ask? The banking equation is simply this:

You give up interest you could have earned by paying cash or you lose money by paying someone else interest when you use their money. You lose money regardless.

But when you practice the Infinite Banking Concept, you can pay cash for your purchases and earn the interest that banks or finance companies would have otherwise earned off you. This is because you are now using your money as an asset and the growth becomes exponential when compared with what happens when you put your money in a bank owned by someone else, or with an investment firm.

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A Brief Introduction To Estate Planning

Ready for estate planning? Everyone can benefit from estate planning, because estate planning is not just for the rich. While most of us don’t feel like we have an estate that needs planning, we all have assets and property that we want passed to our family. Without estate planning of some sort, the items that we’ve accumulated over the years may not go to our family. The main benefit of estate planning is to ensure that our family gets the most of the properties that we own when we are gone.

Estate planning can be a big complicated activity, but it can also be relatively simple. It’s good to start by searching for some information online before getting lawyers or a law firm involved. While a law firm may provide an initial consultation for free, they will certainly charge for the real planning, and you will want that part of the business to go quickly. Having a firm grip on how the planning process should proceed and what assets you need to include in your estate planning will make it go as fast and smoothly as possible.

One of the first steps in estate planning, therefore is to compile a list of all your “property.” This includes real estate such as your home and any second home, but also any financial assets that you own. Take care to list all bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement funds, etc. When we die, a process called probate kicks in, and all assets and investment properties in a person’s name will be determined. So, to make sure that your family gets the most out of the estate planning process, take care to include everything that you want to pass on to your family. This includes business assets as well, if you own a business. A law firm will certainly help you find all the items that can be included in your estate planning, but knowing them up front will help the planning move forward.

A main focus of estate planning is the will, which designates who will receive each of the properties. This is the blueprint for the probate process, so you want a law firm to draw it up in order to make sure that the law is followed precisely. But this is not the only part of estate planning that needs to be done, as the financial properties that a person owns can be arranged in ways as to minimize the estate tax that is levied during the probate process. The law on federal estate taxes has been modified in recent years, and may be modified again. There are financial instruments called trusts which will minimize the estate taxes that need to be paid when the time comes, but these need planning. Thus, one of the most important aspects of estate planning is actually making a plan for how to put your financial properties into a form like a trust that will maximize the amount that is passed on to your family.

This has been a brief overview of estate planning. There is clearly a lot more to it, which is one reason you will need to get a law firm involved at some point. But start with a little research, and the plan should go smoothly.

A Brief Introduction to Estate Planning

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A main focus of estate planning is the will, which designates who will receive each of the properties. This is the blueprint for the probate process, so you want a law firm… Learn more at real estate trust Salt Lake City and planning

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Unit Trusts: A Beginner”s Guide

If you are currently on the look out for a new way in which to invest your savings, you could be feeling a little intimidated by the sheer range and scope of the possibilities available to you.

One particularly popular savings plan available right now is the unit trust. This type of savings plan has several unique benefits, helping to spread its good reputation as a productive and relatively safe way to invest your hard earned dough.

One of its most attractive features is that a unit trust will invest your money across a range of different kinds of investments. Your profit making potential is not limited to one sector alone and any risk involved is spread across a variety of services and industries – something which many investors find reassuring when they place their savings in the hands of a unit trust.

Tax benefits include tax free capital, though, unlike ISAs, any interest accrued over time will be subject to income tax. However, unit trusts are a good solution for those who have already used up their yearly ISA allowance and have a bit left over.

There are few rules and regulations concerning the opening of unit trusts. You must, of course, be over 18 years of age. Beyond this, however, you can be fairly flexible. Unit trusts can be held jointly between two or more people and there is no minimum period you must hold you unit trust before sale, though most banks will advise you to look upon them as a longer term investment.

Regulations on withdrawals tend to vary from one organisation to the next. Most unit trusts will allow you to withdraw at any time. Some will, however, charge a small fee for the privilege.

Even if your trust fund isn’t coming from your own bank or building society, be sure to ask them their advice regardless. Different kinds of investments suit different kinds of people and their opinion will certainly be of use to you.

The Internet is your most extensive source of reviews and resources when it comes to finding out more about unit trusts. Look around at a variety of newspaper articles, financial advice pages and customer reviews in order to make a decision that is based on thorough research, leaving you a well informed investor with a good knowledge of this kind of plan.

Lon Sonoski wrote this article about unit trust accounts because he has opened one with Legal and General.

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Some Insurance And Financial Industry Trends

The insurance and financial industry trends are always changing due to the merging of companies and company acquisitions. It is very difficult to keep up with the happenings and trends in these industries.

More than ever the finance and insurance industry is relying on risk management. These techniques make it so that investors can better analyze market data, which is always changing very quickly. It makes it possible for investors and individuals to access the financial, as well as other information about specific banks, the overall banking industry, and other analysis and trends.

One of the most common places to find these trends is through the FDIC. The most frequently asked questions include general bank data and bank statistics, market statistics, what happens to loans and accounts when a bank fails and what to do should this happen to your bank and general research of national banking trends.

One trend that is sure to carry over into the next few years is global banking. Many of the United States biggest banks conduct business in many different countries. To continue growing, financial industries and companies must tap into international markets.

Nearly all forms of banking can be done online, which makes mobile banking and E-Banking extremely important. It will only grow and become more important in the coming years. This is a trend that gives both bankers and individuals flexibility. Mobile usage is up in the insurance industry as well, and statistics show that it will continue to grow, making it essential for all banks and insurers to make their businesses fully online capable.

The financial and economic markets are in crisis that is understood. This fact makes it even more important that individuals be knowledgeable about insurance and financial industry trends. The more you know about the future of the market, the better off you will be.

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Helpful Suggestions For Beneficiary Trusts

We humans are not immortal; there is a set life cycle created by God for every being. When we are young, we usually take things for granted, such as our parents, siblings, luxuries and necessities of life, but when we step into our practical life, everything transforms. Undoubtedly, it is better to have an optimistic approach towards life. However, it is not easy to do not take into account the negative, or other treacherous aspects of life. It is a popular saying, “You may hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

To stay young forever is impossible, therefore, it is essential to plan and take hold of your life when you are not young anymore! One must begin to think about the well-being of individuals that are the closest to you, including parents, spouse, or your children.

When you will start to think about such things, you will definitely understand that a beneficiary trust is the best means to look after your loved ones when it is no more possible for you, yourself to do so. A variety of trusts are there that one can opt for, in general, a perfect trust will guarantee that the beneficiaries (like family members) will get the privilege to benefit from whatever money or property one has left for them in a trust fund under the supervision of a prearranged trustee.

In ideal situation, they should not be able to misuse the trust, or incorrectly go through the possessions without keeping future care in mind, since the trustee will be there to provide them according to their realistic demands for money, while preventing them from using possessions for bad investments.

Selection of a trustee: You may decide to employ a lawyer or get services of a reliable friend who possesses a bit of financial knowledge to be a guardian for your family. That individual has to be greatly dependable. You may search over the Internet, and consult with a number of legal experts that belong to renowned law firms prior to coming to a final decision for whom to choose.

Selection of the best beneficiary trust to suit you: you can discuss with estate-planning legal representative to pick one among several choices of beneficiary trusts that are existing, so that one you will make a sensible choice about which trust to choose. You must select a trust that suits you the most and your beneficiaries too.

Clearly describe the heir of the trust and the amount of power a trustee can exercise: Laws of the United Kingdom demand that such terms should be laid out in a clear and precise manner with a little room allowing for loopholes, which can later result in the beneficiary being short charged.

Update the beneficiaries on regular intervals: You may have been single, or earning a lesser amount of money when you originally made the trust for your parents, but after getting married or earning a promotion, you will need to make take into account the new circumstances of your affairs.

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Compassionate And Sincere Advice On Elder Law And Estate Planning

Every one of us, at one point or the other, finds himself entangled in some legal issue. Help, support and advice on how to handle the situation are not always at hand and yet we need someone who has knowledge and experience to provide right guidance and advice. As legal issues involve sensitive information and a little error in judgment is enough to land you in further trouble, you need to have someone who can make proper use of the information and get the decision in your favor. Ms Annamarie Gulino Gentile, partner and founder of Staten Island based law firm Angiuli Katkin & Gentile LLP is one such person who can provide advice and attention which you and your case deserve.

Angiuli Katkin & Gentile LLP provides comprehensive legal advice on real estate, business, personal injury and workers compensation and family law, elder law and estate planning. At Angiuli Katkin & Gentile the focus stays on providing personalized legal advice along with highly skilled representation by top lawyers. Their lawyers have vast experience in handling most complex cases. If you are someone who is looking for advice on family law, elder law and estate planning then you must pay a visit to Ms Annamarie Gulino Gentile, who years of experience in providing assistance and compassionate advice to her clients.

Ms Annamarie Gulino Gentile is the best in New York when it comes to advice on drafting wills, family agreements, living trusts, business succession issues, powers of attorney, litigation, health care directives, probate and administration matters and trust administration. With prestigious membership of National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) her advice is the most sought after in matter related to elder law. Ms Gentile is an Accredited-attorney by Department of Veterans Affairs and serves on the Board of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce Foundation. She is member of many prestigious bars associations like New York State Trial Lawyers Association, Staten Island Trial Lawyers Association, New York State Bar Association (Elder Law and Estates & Trusts Sections) and the Richmond County Bar Association.

The list of her achievements is as long as the list of satisfied clients who can vouch for her sincere advice and the difference it has made in their lives. Her consultation and services are highly recommended in any matter related to family law, elder law and estate planning.

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Unit Trusts Explained

One of the most popular types of investment for private individuals is known as a unit trust. These are communal, bulk investments in the stock market administered by a fund manager on behalf of several different investors, each of whom owns part of the trust in the form of individual units.

A unit trust is usually associated with a certain strategy that the fund manager will pursue with the fund. You can get trusts that invest mainly in high risk investments with high potential returns, or trusts that mainly stick with safe bets such as shares in blue chip companies.

A unit is not a fixed percentage of a total fund, and the overall size of the fund is dictated by how many people have invested in it. There is a direct correlation between the performance of the shares in a unit trust and the value of the units themselves.

Usually, you would expect your units to increase in value over time in line with the shares that make up the trust, but as everybody knows, shares can go down as well as up in value, so you could potentially lose money. If the shares or investments in the fund pay any dividends or interest to their holders, then you will receive an appropriate portion of this income.

There are several advantages to investing in a unit trust rather than investing directly in the stock market. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that they enable you to tap into the skills and judgment of an expert investor.

A unit trust is a good way to spread the risk of investing across many different types of investment. It allows you to do this with a much smaller investment than would be required if you were buying the shares yourself.

Economies of scale are another reason why unit trusts represent good value for the investor, as the fees that are charged whenever you buy or sell shares are proportionately smaller for larger scale investments.

Perhaps the main reason for the popularity of unit trusts is that most people do not have the time to trade shares, collect dividends, and keep an eye on the movements of the stock market. They allow investors to reap the benefits of investing in the stock market without requiring a huge effort on their part.

Lon Sonoski wrote this article about unit trust accounts because he has opened one with Legal and General.

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Real Estate Investing – Protect Your Privacy

An irate tenant or disgruntled home-buyer, with the help of a willing attorney, can readily prompt a property search for a property owner in public records. The target of the search becomes someone who has deep-pockets as reflected in real estate assets.

Land trusts are available in most states, though they differ in structure and extent of protection.

Land trusts are nothing more than a legal entity that hold title to a property. One of the advantages to a land trust is that the owner of record is not you!

A land trust is simply transfer of a property out of your name and placed into another entity. The land trust names a trustee to manage the trust, such as your lawyer, a friend, or relative with a different last name. The trust then owns the property, and your name is omitted from the ownership record (which is the deed or title).

But you still own the trust. You are the beneficiary of the trust.

Obviously, it is a little more complicated than that, but here’s the bottom line. If Suzy Suehappy is aggravated with you for some reason and begins looking for your assets of record, she will have a hard time finding what you own if each of your properties are recorded in a separate land trust. Your properties would be listed under the name of the trust rather than yours. Your name would never appear in the records if each of your properties were held in the various names of your trusts.

If you owned 123 Main Street where Suzy Suehappy lives, and your name is John Lucky, Suzy might go to the county clerk’s office to ask for all the property that John Lucky owns. The search would be fruitless because your name could not be found. Suzy Suehappy would discover that the property is owned by 123 Main Street Trust (or whatever you wanted to name it). She would also find that no other properties are owned by 123 Main Street Trust.

But if habitual trouble-maker Suzy Suehappy has a problem with property owner Jane Notsolucky, and finds all of her property of record listings in Jane’s name, she has an easier target for a lawsuit.

If an actual suit is brought against you by Suzy Suehappy, her attorney can demand in deposition a listing of all your property. However, in preliminary discovery efforts by Suzy or her attorney in perusing the county clerk records, maintaining anonymity can be an advantageous deterrent in asset protection.

Once I had a tenant who stumbled onto the staircase landing of his second-story apartment house while drunk, broke the rail, and fell to the ground with some minor injury. He approached a prominent sue-crazy lawyer in town about his case, but I was fortunate not to face an expensive defense of myself because I was not high-profile in the county records. I assume that a review of the records did not disclose my personal name on real estate properties, and I was considered to have no recorded real assets.

Asset protection has to be a concern of real estate investing, and the use of land trusts might be a consideration. I find, however, that few attorneys understand land trusts, and need education in this specialty of the law.

Phil Speer, Ph.D., started his real estate investing career 25 years ago. Without the availability of credit and using only a $10 bill, he purchased $1 million in properties in his first year, and had accumulated $10 million in properties by his fourth year.

He was featured in a Wall St.Journal editorial as most successful investor in the Nothing Down Real Estate Movement, and was honored with a Caribbean cruise as top investor of the year. In his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, he has been a businessman and Human Resources Consultant for 30 years. He is an author, speaker and seminar director. To learn how to profit in real estate investing, even without cash or credit, read his report at http://www.Real–Estate– Subscription is free to his Fix-up Ezine. He and other contributing authors provide free articles and resources on real estate investing at his online “Academy of Advanced Real Estate Investing Techniques” at

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